Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Increase your blog traffic

As day by day more website and blogs are increasing so its a very tuff job to get all above them. So here are some simple tricks by which you can increase your blog traffic.
You should write interesting articles instead of that boring text. Many peoples are hungry for entertainment so you should write for them, more easy way to attract them is to write article in creative way, you should publish some pics also so that your articles becomes more interesting.

Your blog should be purposeful means the articles on your blog should be related to the theme on which your blog is created. Articles should contain labels so that search engine easily find your blog and show them to their visitor.
Creator of blog should promote their blog by social networking websites like facebook.com,and many more. you should create pages on these website so that visitors will attract with you and you should advertise your blog with google and on other website to increase your blog traffic.
The best website to increase you blog traffic is http://www.indiblogger.in

Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn – these are there for you to leverage traffic if you do it the right way. Create two accounts on each – one personal and one blog brand. Make each profile compelling and complete and use great profile pictures. Network with personal and professional contacts; follow key influencers, blog celebrities and connectors. When you’re ready, share your thoughts, your blog posts, retweet tweets from key players and promote others’ blog posts
Study the types of content people tend to share. Funny stuff,great slides,videos or e-books are usually more popular.Find out which subjects are the easy share types-beauty,fashion,health etc.Combine target groups with targeted content and you are the winner.
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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Freelancing jobs

If you want to earn money genuine than you should opt for freelancer jobs.
A freelance is a person who is willing to offer his service for a price. When you are first working online than you get hard to find freelancer opportunities but if you work hard little than there are lots of companies that can hire you and you can earn money exactly what you want. These are some tips that help you in finding good opportunity in freelancing jobs.

The first is 'Promote yourself'

This is the first and most important step for boosting up your carrier in any field. So, the thing is that firstly you should create your own blog or website and you should buy your domain and hosting space so that your blog looks professional.

Being professional is the second step

It is very useful as when you talk with your client,the client first see you behavior than if he likes your behavior than only he will deal with you. So being professional is very important. Whether you talk to your client in either way like telephone,e-mail,or face to face you should be professional.

The third step is you should show your interest in client's business sector. Maintaining trends with your client's field can easily be invaluable in generating returning revenue from existing problem.You should monitor changes throughout their business allow you to advise expansion or addition to their application or website.

The last but not the least you should ask your client's queries and complaints it will help you to understand your mistakes and you will overcome them in future.

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Make money by taking online surveys

Everyone want to make money easily for them this is the easiest way of earning money. The method is to take survey online. Among all various ways of income one of the easiest,less time consuming method and legitimate process of earning is through online paid surveys.

What is online surveys?

Online paid surveys are surveys created for different companies to promote them or to take feedback for them. In online surveys user give their genuine and authentic views and express his ideas, for the companies to understand the requirement and the vision for the present market.

Why companies pay for surveys?

Many branded companies and organization value their customer views. Their main aim is to know what their customer feel about their product. for this they need to do market research and using various survey companies they are able to reach more customer in less time.and paying few dollars per survey for their product is much less expensive then conducting other ways of market research and also save money from making a costlier mistake.

How it works?

There are various join survey sites available on the web portals which conduct these surveys working together with various companies. These websites takes agreement from companies to conduct their surveys and to earn money from survey user have to join these websites and when user commit a survey these companies make payments for these surveys. Usually companies give a few dollar per survey. Every survey has definite price and if the surveys get approved the money get credited into a virtual account which can be withdrawn through various money transfer programs like Paypal or through checks.

Trusted sites for online paid surveys are :-

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Earn money by writing Articles

If you love to write articles than their is lot of opportunity to earn money online. Their are many websites which pay a good amount of income for writing articles for them.Writing skills can also help you to implement your blog that is called blogging.

You can write for website
As every one knows their are millions of websites on internet and every website need content,so their is lot of opportunity in this field. In this profession writer is ask to write articles on various topics from current affairs to kitchen recipes.The article is near about of 500 words where a decent rate is disbursed for a good written article with  unique content,their should be no grammatical error and writing skills should be good. Website written article can also be in SEO format which is skillful writing with optimization of text to attract more traffic to the website.keyword density is also an important factor in article writing which depends on the requirement of website.
"Be yourself.Above all, let who you are,what you are,what you believe,shine through every sentence you write,every piece you finish."
You can also write for a blog
It is similar to somewhat website writing job. Their you write for some company and here in blog writing you write for your own. It is a very good method of earning money and showing your talent. By writing article for your blog you can increase your traffic and very good point of writing article for your blog is that you can write on your topic means you are free to express yourself. At least one article in 2 days should be written to increase traffic of your blog. A good article keep your reader follow your blog and become permanent reader of your blog. Earning money form blog is not tuff until you know every requirement of blog.

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Affiliate marketing

This article will give you idea about Affiliate marketing. It is really good job for earning money. Affiliate marketing is all about pre-selling other peoples product or services.  Here, product owner is Merchant and the one who assist his selling endeavor is Affiliate. If you made a sale than you will get a good commission which ranges from 25 to 70 percent but it could be 100% of the product price also. Sometime, Merchant offers 100% commission to Affiliates because they bring customers to them, These Merchant now can directly contact to customers for their further sale without giving any commission to affiliate any more . So, they give you 100% commission. Lots of Affiliate marketers are earning huge money as their major source of income.

Affiliate marketing has been one of the favorite money maker for most of the present day marketers. main reasons behind it :-
1. You don't need your own product.
2. You never have to deal with customer directly.
3. Percentage of commission is worth mentioning.

To become a good Affiliate marketer online you need tools, knowledge and money.you should always remember the basics.'Money makes Money'. You can become Affiliate marketer with/without a website or a blog. You can publish ads with google application Adwords to drive potential buyers directly to the Merchant' website. You can direct peoples through yahoo answers. The most successful way to geeting potential buyers is   publishing products on your website or blog.

Beginners usually fails to get success in Affiliate marketing because they doesn't take this seriously.Proper keyword research is required.
You need to have knowledge about Affiliate marketing and internet marketing. Internet marketing required a set of certain skills which need to learn and mastered. affilorama is an online affiliate marketing institution where you  can learn a lot about affiliate marketing. Learn this course and start making money.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Domain and Hosting is Important

If you have created a blog than It’s good to get started on a hosted solution like Blogger.com or WordPress.com. They will allow you to learn the basics of blogging and web publishing without spending money. As soon as you nail down these basics, however, it is vital to buy your own domain name and to purchase a web hosting package with some company. Why? There are several reasons. First of all when you use those hosted services you don't really own your website, and they could shut it down if they believe you have violated one of their policies.
Secondly, with your own domain and hosting account you will have more  lexibility and features on the technology side. This means that you will be able to choose different content management systems to install, special scripts and so on. Finally, having your own domain name will add a lot of credibility to your blog, as most beginners (and spammers) use free hosted solutions. The question then becomes: What kind of domain name and hosting should you purchase? Here is a rule of thumb you can use. For the domain name, aim for something with two  words and a .com extension. If you have a blog about diets, for example, you could try dietspot.com or alldiets.com. But be warned, finding a good and  vailable domain is not easy, and you will probably need to spend days on the  ask. For the web hosting, choose a shared hosting plan based on Linux (as  oppesed to Windows), and make sure that it uses cPanel (the standard software for hosting management). If you don't know how to identify these two things, just email the customer support of the company asking whether or not they have it.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program created by google for bloggers and domain holders. 
Its a program in which google advertise ads on websites and blog. Through google adword companies give ads to them and the google adsense publish these ads on websites and blog. Google adsense in a very good and genuie method for earning money. People who love to create blog and websites and whoes traffic of sites are also good can join Google adsense and If google aaproved your website than they post ads on your blog or websites. 

To join google adsense you must create an google account and than google adsense account.

 google adsense have some certain polices which need to be followed to get aaproved.

sme of the polices are.

1. Your blog should contain orignal data or artice and shoud not be copied from other website and all.

2. Your blog should not contain any abusive artice or sexual content.

3. Your blog should have good traffic.

If all these polices are followed Google will approve your blog or website and will start publishing ads on your blog. and it will be your first step of earning money.

In many cases google adsense disapprove . these are certain reasons ;-

- Your website must be your own top-level domain (www.example.com and not
- You must provide accurate personal information with your application
that matches the information on your domain registration.
- Your website must contain substantial, original content.
- Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policies:

If these problems are sort out then you can again resumit your aplication. 

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Enjoy your GOOGLE ADSENSE  :)